Does 1 credit cover everything listed?

— there are no additional charges besides the one credit to enter. Credits are linked and saved to your account and do not expire until used. they can be spent at any time. credits are non-transferable to other users.

If I’ve submitted previously and done well, can I just use the same submission?

— No. If you have placed in the top 20 previously, you may not submit the same audition. Part of the idea of this showcase is to function as a workout! Stretch and keep exploring!

Who are the “Industry Professionals” determining the top 10?

—This will be made up of veteran Professionals actors. (A list will be published when the showcase is announced.)

Can you choose your industry professionals who give you feedback?

— No, this will be randomized to ensure fairness. A list of Industry Professionals will be announced at the time of launch.

Do you find out your final rank?

— Although specific rank is not given, you will receive all feedback and feedback scores from the panel. You will be notified if you make the top 10, the top 20 or the top 50.

How often will the showcase run?

— The goal is to have at least 3 showcases each year but this may change based on the casting directors availability.

How long after submission will I have to wait to receive my feedback and placement?

— After the close date of the showcase, participants should expect results and feedback forms to be sent back to them after 2-3 weeks.

Do you need an agent or be a union member to enter?

— No, any actor 16 years or older can enter at this time.

When will I see the casting director if I get in the top 10?

— Casting directors will determine this on their own schedule.

Who sees my video?

— Unless you make the link public or share it yourself, only the Industry professionals on the panel, A2A staff (and potentially Casting Directors) will see it. If you are not represented by an agent, we will also send the link to agents within the city. If you do not wish to have your footage or name shared with them you will be able to opt out. Note: The top 10 actors footage will be posted on our YouTube page and website. If for whatever reason someone in the top 10 would not want this extra publicity, it is up to them to notify us immediately.

Are the winners announced publicly?

— Yes. The top 10 names and submissions are shared on all our platforms. All casting directors within the city are then notified of this new top 10 and are invited to view the results. The aim is to help actors get into the casting room and for the Artist2Artist platform assist in that process.

What if I have an agent but am looking for a new one? Can I list “seeking representation” and be included in the agent mail out if I make the top 20?

— Yes but… Know that your name and contact info will be sent to all agents in the city. Including your current agent.